Keeping your belongings secure this Christmas

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“The festive season is the busiest time of the year for the elves and the reindeers to deliver presents, but is also a good time for thieves to hit”

Evenings are drawing in early now as it’s becoming winter, so longer nights are happening more and it is an ideal time for opportunistic burgulars to strike. Making your home extra secure this Christmas should be at the top of your priority list, well and of course buying presents for the kids and loved ones. Alot of homeowners tend to spend time away from their home throughout the holiday season as they are visiting friends or attending Christmas parties, so installing CCTV or an alarm system, or even both may make you rest your mind.

Make sure your alarms are in working order all year round…

It is very crucial that you regularly check that your burglar alarm system and CCTV is in full working order. Keeping up with the maintenance on the security in your home should only be handled by a professional security company. Here at LJS Systems, we can offer an extremely good value maintenance agreement in helping to keep your CCTV installation running at it’s best all year round.

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We want to make your house less attractive to the thieves this Christmas…

Include alarms and CCTV camaras as visual deterrents. Our CCTV services are a massive power tool for not just deterring the crime but also capturing the people resposible should you be unfortunate enough to fall victim of crime. They record in high resolution at really competitive prices. Our alarm systems will make you feel confident in leaving your property knowing that it will be safer. There are wireless options and wired options available.

Protecting your valuables with these easy tips…

  • Never leave valuables in sight
  • Lock all windows and doors whether you are at home or out
  • Keep your keys in a safe place and never leave them in locks that are within reach of a letter box

Don’t advertise your presents…

If you place your Christmas tree by a window you don’t really want to fill it with presents until Christmas morning. Leaving presents on show could entice someone in, and if the children are lucky enough to have been bought bikes don’t just store them in the unlocked shed in the garden.

Take down the serial numbers from any electronics you buy…

Alot of electronics are bought over Christmas and if you are worried about them, jot down the serial number or IMEI number just incase something happens. A security marker pen is a great idea, they cost just under a £1.

Don’t post on social media…

Don’t tell the whole world that you aren’t going to be at home this Christmas. Be mindful what you do post up. Burglars can use social media to target homes.

Leave the lights on…

If you go out, leave lights on, or get a basic timer to show that you are still at home. Taking the necessary precautions will tighten your home’s security over Christmas, and make sure your family and your belongings stay safe.

Us here at LJS Systems will provide you with the highest standards of security services after you have purchased CCTV or alarm systems in your home. We have many options available to suit your needs and other options available such as TV and audio/visual systems. Contact LJS Systems today for your FREE CCTV, Intruder Alarm or other security system consultation.