Should you invest in CCTV for your Home or Business?

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December 7, 2017
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February 23, 2018
a cctv camera fitted to a house watching alleyway

We look at whether investing in CCTV is really worth it and what kinds of CCTV system are the best for your circumstances.

In a 2017 survey by Which? they found that only 10% of people have home CCTV or a wireless camera, so it goes to show it is not for everyone.

Many people don’t realise how accessible a wireless camera is these days, if you have a WiFi broadband at home you can simply by a standalone camera which will connect to your WiFi. This type of camera will not always have a way to record footage but is a good way to be able to stream the footage on your smartphone or computer in the house or out and about. Should you go out and by this type of camera to secure your property though? That is the question we ask ourselves. These types of standalone cameras are sold as baby monitors, dog monitors and wireless CCTV, so they are designed really as a way to monitor live events in that one area for a very short period of time. The other disadvantage with anything wireless is the susceptibility of interference, would you really want the signal suffering a crucial point?

What other options are there for home and small business use? There are IP cameras which come in wireless or Ethernet connections, these cameras send and receive data over a standard Ethernet cable back to your broadband router or via WiFi. They are pretty straight forward to install and are now available with 1080p and even 4k models. Prices can vary for a single IP camera from around £50 to over £500 for a fully vandal-proof version with the highest possible quality. You need to think about cameras for outdoor and indoor use, whether night vision is required, is colour picture required and so on.

The additional equipment you will need is where it starts to get complicated for many, you need a way to record the footage so you could go with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or you could record directly onto your PC. Wiring it all up, running the cables and finding a suitable home for all the kit is important as you want it easy enough to install, easy enough to access but secure enough from potential break-ins. You have to also consider how much footage you want to be able to record by factoring in the quality of the camera resolution and the space available on the recording device.

Armed with this information could you make an informed decision on which way to go with your CCTV? We would happily offer advice based on your individual circumstances. If you would rather have a hassle-free CCTV survey and quote with the backing of a reliable security system installer please get in touch